Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comics - Shadowland #4

Shadowland is an ongoing Daredevil arc that started in early September. I've been waiting two months for Shadowland #4. And son, I am dissapoint.

I'm gonna cut straight to the chase. I came in with expectations. Expectations of Zombie Bullseye. It's here on the cover. I waited two whole months for Zombie Bullseye. Nope. They show his body in one panel, BUT IT'S JUST LAYING THERE. NO ZOMBIE. NO NOTHING. NOPE. EAT A DICK, MARVEL. TWO MONTHS OF BUILDUP FOR NOTHING. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I give this comic 1 Colin Farrell out of 5.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art: Livestream banners

Today's been pretty slow, I'm a bit under the weather at the moment. My friend created a livestream account so he could stream matches of League of Legends and his Left 4 Dead speedruns (totally legit).

I created a few banners for his account, they'll display above the video.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Misc: Das Racist

Hey internets, sorry  for the delay in posting, it's been like seven days since I last posted (barring the post earlier). I'm still alive, I was just busy with school. How's everyone doing?

Also, I heard you people liek music. Alt hip-hop group Das Racist just released their latest mix-tape "Sit Down, Man", onto the internets. I fell in love with this group earlier this year, and they continue to impress. Their music is enriched with pop culture references, and they come off as naturally funny without trying to impress. You can download it here, and I've embedded one of the songs off of the album under the album art. Enjoy!

"I'm my own identical cousin/Just call me Patty Duke/I'm stuntin' like my daddy do/"Thug Life" right above my Natty Ice tatty, too/Stupid."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apps - Street Fighter IV

Disclaimer: Do you like street fighting? If not, close this page now. This app isn't for you. As Guile would say, GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN.

March 2010. After almost two years after being released in arcades, Street Fighter IV tiger knee'd it's way into the iTunes App Store. With free game updates, the roster has increased from 8 to 12.

This game carries over the same stylized calligraphic graphics from the original version. Each character comes with two costumes, and additonal costumes can be purchased (real money, not Bison Dollars) from a menu at the default screen.

Here's a screenshot of the game, and the controls. Your left thumb controls the character, and your right thumb navigates the four attack buttons. Pretty standard fare, with punch, kick, special (ex:one button hadoukens), and focus.

And for those who suck at street fighting (like moi), there's free training mode as well as a dojo mode. The dojo mode gives you various challenges to complete, such as blocking six times in a match or throwing the enemy six times in a match. If you complete all the dojo challenges, you will come out a better street fighter.

There's no real importance of this screenshot, just goes to show you what happens when you try to play a game and screenshot it at the same time!

I give this app 5 Raúl Juliás out of 5.

Street Fighter IV is available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99