Saturday, October 9, 2010

Misc: Das Racist

Hey internets, sorry  for the delay in posting, it's been like seven days since I last posted (barring the post earlier). I'm still alive, I was just busy with school. How's everyone doing?

Also, I heard you people liek music. Alt hip-hop group Das Racist just released their latest mix-tape "Sit Down, Man", onto the internets. I fell in love with this group earlier this year, and they continue to impress. Their music is enriched with pop culture references, and they come off as naturally funny without trying to impress. You can download it here, and I've embedded one of the songs off of the album under the album art. Enjoy!

"I'm my own identical cousin/Just call me Patty Duke/I'm stuntin' like my daddy do/"Thug Life" right above my Natty Ice tatty, too/Stupid."

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