Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comics - Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

The covers in order, 1-6
Batman is dead.

At least, that's what the inhabitants of the DC Universe were lead to believe at the end of Final Crisis, when Batman took on the big bad Darkseid. Bruce Wayne breaks his self imposed no-gun rule, and mortally wounds Darkseid. Darkseid hits Bruce with the Omega Sanction, and sends his ass back in time.

Bruce Wayne wakes up in a cave, with amnesia. Each issue, Bruce unknowingly time travels to a different era, while slowly trying to put the pieces together of who he is and what happened. He encounters various DC characters in their natural habitats, as well as a few historical characters. These events just happen to be my favorite part of these comics. These have to be my favorite:
  • Bruce getting captured by savages, led by Vandal Savage (Cool name bro)
  • Bruce dueling Blackbeard (True story. Bro.)
  • Bruce getting shot by Jonah Hex
So far, I've enjoyed this series throughly. If you love Batman, this is a must read. This book is not perfect, but is very nuanced and a pleasure to read. If you do not like Grant Morrison or any of his work, stay away. It has Morrison written all over it. Every page, glimmering of Morrison's baldness.

Do you enjoy barbarians? Witches? Pirates? Crime fighting? If you like any of these, you'll like this book.

I give this series 4.5 Batmans out of 5.

Sure is transparent .png in here, Blogger.

Four issues have been released since May. The final two issues of The Return of Bruce Wayne are scheduled to ship in October.


  1. I hate migraines, but heat does not trigger mine, its always the feeling when you scratch a chalk board is what triggers my migraines T_T i hate it, all my friends know I hate it and they take advantage of it and piss me off hah! well I love your blog and those comics, omg they are just amazing! you got my support man!

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  3. The first movie of Batman is awesome, with Jack Nicholson as the Joker :)
    and of course the Dark knight

  4. hahahaha nice rating system lol

  5. Oh wow, comic books. Followed regardless.

    As for my problem. Yeah, bro, I've got some ideas.

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  7. beautiful covers, thanks for sharing

  8. This is one of my favorite posts from you.

  9. Wow I don't even like comic books but that sounds like a really good read! Following you!

  10. It sounds really cool. I always wonder what could happen if someone from our time went back in time and messed around.

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  12. I've been itching to get this book, I've read reviews and (I'll admit) summaries online, and it seems amazing.

  13. I agree with Come At Me Bro, this is pretty awesome :D

  14. I've tried to make a lot of comics through photoshop but I end up spending to much time on it, id probably be better off making funny stick figure comics!

  15. Batman is more badass because of the fact that he has no innate powers, but less badass because he is fucking bat themed, and bats are stupid.